The Future of the World Game

The Purpose of the Game

Our game set of ‘the future of the world with children to achieve Global Goals’ explains children Sustainable Development Goals, which is adopted by the United Nations in 2015 with the Paris Climate Agreement and declared to all its members, through play. Our game, which aims education for children to be a part of the solution as responsible individuals, intends to learn and implement the Sustainable Development Goals in their daily lives and is prepared in Turkish. Also, translation quotas to other languages are available upon request.

Name Piece Detail
Game Box 1 The game is given with its box
The Game Map 1 The game map whereon players are enable to move forward pieces
The Guidance Guide 1 Descriptions of how the game is played and its objectives
Dünyanın Geleceği Game Book 1 Explanation of 17 goals to children with visual and written tools
Game Cards 100 2 different sided cards, 100 Explanation – 100 Questions
Pawns 2 Allow players to move on map
The Game Dice 1 The game dice to move forward on map
Joker Cards 17 Contain General Knowlege